And so it begins

Another year, another fresh set of days ahead to fill with, well, what?

More baking, obviously. Cheesecakes are a given, but I’m going to branch sideways into a few more varieties. I think I’ve mastered the New Yorker, but there’s the baseless Basque cheesecake, there’s going to be jellies to top them, mirror glazes (if I can avoid what appears to be the inevitable rubberyness that accompanies them according to the Great British Bake Off), things like that. The dried blackcurrants were a massive success, so assuming we get the fruit, more of that too.

Teaching continues unabated. Timetable has been ripped up, fed through the shredder with two others and has yet to be formally stuck back together. It’s still the best career change I could’ve made, but the stuff that happens around actually teaching kids sometimes feels overwhelming.

I’ve tracked down a lot of old drafts and works in progress from historic NaNoWriMos past, hoping that this year will be the year I finally finish a story… setting myself the challenge of writing something at least 5 times a week.

And speaking of finishing, there’s a cross stitch dragon that needs a ton of back stitch. I hate back stitch. If anyone has any recommendations for making it easier/faster, I’m all ears.

Plus the traditional run/exercise more, eat less, lose 6kg…

So that’s the plan. The year will fill up with amazing things, as years do – folk festivals, holidays, random nights at Rock City – but these are things I want to do.

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