Work in progress… – #amwriting (almost)

I have 3.  3 works that are all approximately at the same stage and they’re all sat vying for attention.

If, by “vying for attention”, you mean “trying to hide behind each other in the hope I’ll pick one of the other 2”.  It’s like asking for volunteers to step forward and picking the one who wasn’t fast enough to take a swift step back.

I am at an impasse.  I now have the time to devote to each of these WIPs, one at a time, alternating days perhaps.  But none of them want to be worked on.

A plan needs to be formed and for this, I need a good tool.  To my left I have a stack of Moleskine, largely unused.  They’re part 1 of the toolkit.  To my right, a copy of Fate Accelerated Edition (hereafter referred to as FAE).  In another browser tab in front of me I’ve got secret part 3 of the plan.  Part 3 will be unveiled to the world (cue mad genius laugh) next week.

The notebooks, one per WIP, will contain character sheets for each of the main characters, devised using FAE or possibly Fate Core if FAE doesn’t give me enough detail.  Super secret Part 3 will contain all the ideas, all the random thoughts, all the little “ooh, that’s good! wonder where I can use that?”

And this is where I need your help.  If there was a website you could go to and store your ideas for later, possibly releasing those ideas out into the wild for other to use if you wanted, what would you want it to do?  Would you want a mobile app to talk to the site?  Is there, in fact, something like this already that I’ve just not found? (If so, please let me know where it is!)

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