Salt – An Epicurist’s Delight

Mum! Dad! Don’t touch it! It’s Evil!

Salt? No! Get thee behind me, Saltan!  Don’t use it when you’re cooking, if you must, add it afterwards. But then you’re the spawn of Satan and must burn in Hell along with everyone who has more than half a sugar in their tea.

What complete and utter tosh.

Forget to add salt when you’re cooking a chicken and you’ve got a tasteless white meat-like substance at the end of it.  Forget to add it when you’re making an omelette and you’ll know about it.  Sneak into the kitchen and play “salt fairy” when your mum doesn’t normally add it to the veg and everyone wonders why this meal tastes better!  Make bread without adding salt and you might as well give up.

Yes, you can add salt after you’ve cooked the food.  But you’ll add more! A lot more than you think you will.  I reckon, based on the pressure-cooked chicken experiment when I forgot the salt that for every 5g (1 teaspoon) of salt you forget, you’ll add 15g salt (1 tablespoon) afterwards.

Add salt while you’re cooking and it becomes part of the meal, enhancing everything as it goes.  Add it afterwards and you’ll only get it to work on what it touches, even with the best stirring.

So to the salt Nazis who are out in force at the moment, I say this: enjoy your meal.

2 responses to “Salt – An Epicurist’s Delight”

  1. I’m with that Clarissa Dickinson Wright woman when she said, never eat unseasoned, half fat, tasteless rubbish. Just eat a little bit less of something that actually tastes nice. Think she’s dead now mind you 😀

    • Not according to Wikipedia, she’s not! I remember a fantastic interview with her, talking about her doctor discovering raised Quinine levels in her blood. Was she taking antimalarials? No, but would a vast quantity of G&T a day do it?

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