The story so far…

In the beginning, the garden looked like this:


Actually, that wasn’t quite the beginning.  Rewind a little further, lose the step that shows we’re actively working on it and it looked more like this:


That’s more like it.  I took this shot from as far down the garden as I could get.  Right behind me was this:

IMG_20131130_153017What you’ve got here is a very sophisticated Buddleja scaffolding holding up over a decade’s worth of brambles.  There’s a back wall in there somewhere, far, far away.

Now, fast-forward to now.  We’ve had a few weekends (and the odd day) concentrated working on the garden. We’ve put in a shed, cleared bag* after bag* of ivy, brambles, buddleja and assorted garden crap.  We’re nowhere near finished, but we’ve made a start…

We’ve made a start on the herb garden, the fruit trees are here and ready to be planted as soon as I’ve collected another bag* of horse manure.

The next step – the next step – is chickens.  Then a yurt.

Ever wish you’d never started something?

*Bag – 1 cubic metre, or thereabouts.

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    • Oh yes! Word of warning, though, if you try and burn the leylandii it creates an unbelievable amount of smoke! Not one to repeat!

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