Can you dig it?

Well, my good lady certainly can!  Displaying some skills inherited from her dad’s side of the family, my wife is an ace with spade and fork while I’m pretty handy with a mattock, axe and generally using brute force to pull out the roots of whatever’s left.

The transformation of our garden continues – fruit trees, strawberry plug-plants and assorted herbs have been ordered and we need to get the place ready for them.

This is the result of Sunday’s labour…

But the best bit…  The best bit, was this:

IMG_20140105_151133Draped across the top of the bonfire (that would not light, not even when “persuaded” with lighter fuel and BP’s finest unleaded) is the last of the bramble roots that needed digging out.  To give you some idea, that circle of bricks is roughly 5 feet across.  I’m sure the brambles will be back, the little shoots and seeds we didn’t manage to get, but the big boys have been dealt with.

Next step…  Chickens!

3 responses to “Can you dig it?”

  1. Brambles are a bastard…
    Looking good though and I do love growing some fruit and veg, means you can be really smug over the summer months eating meals with things picked from your garden.

    • Herbs are already going in. Fruit trees next. I’m playing the long game here, looking forward to the wine that’s going to be made.

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