Sunday ramblings – I *shall* be published! #NotSilentSunday

So. Silent Sunday.  1 picture, no words, etc. etc.  Unfortunately, looking at my phone, it appears I’ve taken 4 photos this week and I’m not loading any of them up here.

Instead I have an admission to make. I’ve been thinking.  Dangerous? Yes. Unexpected? Probably.  Unprecedented? Almost.

We’re reading Ben Hatch’s “Road To Rouen” at the moment, the story of one family single-handedly writing a guidebook to undiscovered France.  And cheese.  Lots of cheese.  Anyone who’s ever travelled with kids will recognise the trials and tribulations Ben and his wife Dinah go through as they find entertainment where they can – the French do a good line in museums dedicated to local fruit and vegetables!  This is the second of his books, the first being “Are We Nearly There Yet“, a book that had me alternately in tears of laughter and sadness.

Based on this, and other information I’m not going to disclose, I declare here and now that by this time in 2014 I shall have written one complete book.  Start to finish.  Beginning, middle and end.  I’m good at beginnings, not too bad at the middles.  It’s the tricky bridge between about halfway through and the ending that seems to elude me.  I can get to, say 60%, have the last 5% clearly in mind but no idea at all how to fill in the gap.  I know where I want to be, it’s just the getting there.

Look for my works soon*

*Okay, so not so much soon as “soon”.

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