#TheGallery – Adventure


All the best adventures start with a journey. Some of the very best start with a train ride. Even if the train is electric rather than steam, there’s something special about it that still gives me a thrill after years of commuting by train. Someone else is doing the hard work, you sit back and concentrate on everything else around you.
I’ve been on long train rides with happy prison officers, celebrating a new job with many beers, with generous ex-pats recently returned from abroad, with an actress playing the short-lived victim in a tv drama. You never know who’s going to be travelling with you.
Trains take you right to the heart of a place, unlike aeroplanes. In Newcastle, you’re 2 minutes from the fantastic Life centre and a short Metro ride (an adventure by itself) from the Hancock museum and it’s resident T-Rex. York station is a stone’s throw from the NRM. And King’s Cross, well…
The station in the picture above is Corbridge, the kids are mine and the wonderful lady is my late mother in law. She was a woman who had more than her fair share of adventures over the years. But they’re stories for another day.

Now I’d be ever so grateful if someone could link me up to The Gallery linky as I’m writing this on the train and the wifi is rather dodgy.

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