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They say that books are dying out, that they’re being replaced by soulless electronic gadgets like the Kindle, the smartphone and the like.  They’re probably right.  Production, storage and distribution costs for huge numbers of paperbacks/hardbacks massively outweigh the same costs for zeros and ones.  And who can be bothered to slog down to the bookshop on the off-chance that there’s something you want to read when you can browse through Angry Robot’s online catalogue and have the latest Mike Shevdon within seconds?

But there’s still something magical about an actual, physical, dead-tree book in your hands.


Thing 2 loves reading.  I reckon he’ll be tackling Lord of the Rings about the same time I did.  At the moment he’s working his way though everything Rick Riordan he can lay his hands on, he has to have the latest David Walliams book pretty much on the day of release and he loves the Kindle we got him last birthday (pre-loaded with a shedload of stuff to keep him occupied until at least Christmas).  He spends a good chuck of each day reading and I reckon this is excellent.

This is him a few hours after being handed Terry Pratchett’s “World of Poo”.  Interesting, educational and amusing.

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10 responses to “#TheGallery 120 – Books”

  1. Good to see Thing 2 with his nose in a book. Did he enjoy the Dr Seuss books with his name in them?

    I was quite distraught when my own son, a prolific reader, suddenly went off them at about 13 or 14. It’s been really difficult to encourage him back. He’s now 16 and did well at GCSEs but he’s missing out. I think I might try your idea of buying him a Kindle and filling it up with some good reads. Thanks for the tip.

    • Thing 1 and Thing 2 were named after the book – they definitely enjoyed them at the time, I’m not quite sure they like the association now!

  2. I will admit to having a kindle too, and I think they have their uses, but if there’s a book that I particularly like, I will buy a real copy too to keep! Fantastic picture, I don’t think you could have got him to look up for a second there he is so engrossed! 🙂

  3. I’d replace all my reading books with electronic in a flash but I’d still want something more tangible to touch for the index of them.

  4. Good to see another Terry Pratchett lover in the family…I’m looking to get my hands on his latest master piece very soon or if not it’s definitely on my Christmas list for father =)

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