A is for Apache…

I love chillies.  Love ’em.  Love the heat, the flavour, the smell of them in the Biltonator.  And there’s one thing better than buying them – that’s growing them yourself.

Back at the beginning of the year, I went online and bought a variety of chilli and basil seeds, planted them under grow lamps in the kitchen…


Today, they look like this:

Apache chilliesMore Apache Chillies

So I’m still a good way away from being able to use my own chillies in cooking.  I’ve got more plants, though – another 8 on the kitchen windowsill, a mix of Scotch Bonnet and Demon Red – but then there’s George.  George is my prize chilli plant, planted at exactly the same time as the ones in the pictures above.  Given exactly the same treatment, the same amount of light, the same time under the same growlamps.

So why does George look like this?



This is the first post in an attempt to restart my blogging.  Going to aim for a complete alphabet by the time I’ve finished.  I know there’s a linky for this somewhere, I’ll find it…

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