#Listography – April Goals

So Kate’s asking us for our April goals over at her listography this week.  Interesting.  Have to think of some things to do..

First one’s easy: ScriptFrenzy

Script Frenzy

This is the partner programme to National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo).  NaNo’s in November, ScriptFrenzy’s April.  At first glance, it sounds quite simple.  You’ve got 30 days to write 100 pages (or more) of script.  Be it a screenplay, a radio show, TV programme, whatever.  3 pages a day. That’s all.  But…  You need an idea. A Plan (upper case P very important there).  You need the time, the discipline, the… the… hey, look, Homes Under the Hammer’s on.

Anyway.  Through a wonderful combination of school holidays, lack of annual leave, 3 cats and a dog, I’ve just had a very surreal few days where my wife and kids have been away and the house has been mine.  I’ve written 60 pages, using the NaNoWriMo story as the launchpad for this baby.  When it’s polished up it’s going to the BBC Writer’s  Room.  Watch this space.

Second: Grow More Stuff

I love having fresh coriander growing out in the garden.  And parsley, chives, curry leaves…  Just being able to grab fresh herbs lifts any dish.  This year, though, going for something a bit more adventurous.  I’ve got into Thai cooking but can’t get hold of Thai basil up here.  So I’m growing it.  Also Thai aubergines, a variety of chilli peppers.  Can’t wait for this lot to mature.

Third: Wash the car

Using the hosepipe.  Because I can.  Hah!

Fourth: Cycle a Marathon

My knee is not up to running this year.  I’m gutted.  Normally by now I’d be well into training for the Simmer Dim half marathon.  But no.  Every time I’ve tried to run I’ve ended up in agony and on the brufen.  Not fun.  However, cycling and rowing are sufficiently low-impact that they don’t cause problems.  So I’m going to cycle a full marathon instead, starting down at Sumburgh Airport and heading home.  As this is going South-North, it’s going to feel like it’s uphill most of the way.  As long as it’s a nice day, though, I’ve got my Cy-Fi speaker to give me my own personal soundtrack. I’m really looking forward to this.  By June, when I’d normally be running the SD, I hope to cycle there and back·

Fifth: Cook Mole

Everybody open your Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall “MEAT” book at page 314 and join in!  Cooking starts tonight.


And those are my goals for April.  What are yours>

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  1. Wow – no. 1 sounds awesome. Never heard of it but intend to find out more!

    Best of luck with the cycling. My brother is big into triathlons and stuff and has just bought a bike for 3000 quid!! Think I’ll stick to the running…

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