#TheGallery – Landscapes

A few miles down the road from my house, on the other side of the island completely, lies the bay of Wester Quarff.  It’s here that the Gulberwick and Quarff Yoal crew train (when the weather’s better).  Nothing better than the near-flat-calm of the bay, the hills towering over you, and 7 people shouting at each other trying to make the boat go where you want it to go.

The theme for this week’s Gallery is Landscapes, taking you all over the world from the comfort of your computer.  Go! Explore!

5 responses to “#TheGallery – Landscapes”

  1. Beautiful! The invitation to dive off the end of the pier must be resisted, as I’m sure the water is FREEZING being as you’re off Scotland somewhere… Great names, too… ‘Wester Quarff, ‘Gulberwick’… I didn’t think places called that existed outside fantasy fiction 😉

    • The names up here are fantastic. I’ve got a fried who’s involved in the Shetland Placenames Project, we’re mapping these weird and wonderful places and trying to work out the etymology of the names. And yes, the water’s really impressively bone-achingly cold!

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