Reasons to be Cheerful – Nexus, Family and Stuff

A good week with fantastic reasons to be cheerful up here on the Rock.

Firstly, the snow hasn’t arrived yet. Rain, wind, a bit of sleet perhaps, but no snow.  Having said that I’ll probably be up to my knees in the stuff by the time you read this. If so, sledges on standby!

Secondly, an early birthday present. Samsung/Google Galaxy Nexus. Ice Cream Sandwich. I love my new phone!

Thirdly, my mother-in-law (responsible for reason #2, no less). One amazing woman.

Fourthly, my daughter. We have a bit of an up-and-down relationship at the moment. She’s 11, she’s practically a teenager, and we get the moods to go with it. Last night, though… I was on the phone to my wife, talking her through setting up an mp3 ringtone on my mother-in-law’s Nexus. Yes, Google have done well from us. Android-tastic!  Normally at the time I was doing this, I’d be making dinner.  We plan the meals for the week, Thursday’s been coleslaw for a while now and Thing 1 has been helping out, on and off, and has obviously been paying attention because whilst I was on the phone, she made dinner. End to end, very little prompting/help required. And she washed up. And both her and Thing 2 did their music practice (yesterday and today) without any prompting.  I’m fighting my brain with it’s automatic “Alright, what do they want?” response and concentrating on the fact they’re being brilliant.  Right now, she’s reading through her cookery book and checking out the chicken curry recipe I’m going to be helping her with tonight.  Long may this continue.

Lastly, there’s a school disco tonight so I get a good chunk of time to myself tonight to work on Secret Project 2012.

I’ll leave you with my favourite Slashdot news story of the week…

Hacked Syrian Officials Used ‘12345’ As Email Password

Spaceballs, anyone?

Now follow the linky and find out what other people are feeling cheerful about this week. I guarantee at least one reason will be snow!

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