Reasons to be Cheerful – 48 Weeks until Christmas!

As the ever-helpful AndrewB pointed out to all and sundry (well, all and sundry who follow him on Twitter), there’s only 48 weeks to go until Christmas.  And here I am without a single present wrapped, card written or mince pie made.  I told him this.  His reply:

well you’re just going to suffer the consequences of poor planning, aren’t you?

Gee.  Thanks.  Well, I just hope he’s better prepared than me!

So that’s reason #1 – For the moment, I’ve got enough time to prepare for Christmas and get everything sorted.  And speaking of Christmas, a fantastic late Christmas present arrived this week – a “Nostromo” crew T-shirt! The geek in me is very, very, happy.

Reason #2.  My wife’s birthday is coming up.  This means that the diet takes a 1-day holiday and we get to eat like Kings and Queens!  Birthday food has become something of a big thing in our house.  You can eat what you want for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Current favourite for birthday dinner is The Curry Guy‘s Goan Sorpatel.  I’ve made this before, it takes 3 days from start to finish but it’s very front-loaded (all the work is on day 1. Day 2 you bring it up to heat, check the seasoning.  Day 3, bring it to heat, check seasoning and serve).  It’ll go very well with some pakoras and dips.

Reason #3. TV and Film.  Being Human is close to returning.  The previews for series 4 have started to appear over on the BBC website for the show.  The news there is that there are some big (not entirely unexpected) cast changes this year.  Even better, one of the cast has moved across to the forthcoming Dirk Gently series, taking on the role he had in the 1-shot they’re bound to repeat sooner or later.  Sherlock has been excellent.  Basically, the BBC has done an excellent job of keeping me entertained this year so far.  And if anyone knows how I can get hold of the American re-imagining (how I hate that word) of Being Human on Region 2 DVD or UK-playable Blu-Ray, please let me know.  Finally, I read today that the back-catalogue of Hammer movies  are getting the Blu-Ray remastering treatment.  Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter, please!

Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter

Reason #4.  My wife and kids.  I need say no more.

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