Reasons to be Cheerful – The December 16th Edition

This is not going to mention Christmas.  Much.

1, Christmas parties are done and dusted.  As much fun as they are, they are also exhausting!  The local parties are run by the parents of children in Primary 6 and 7.  I figure I’ve got about 8 years of doing this before I get a year off, then another couple of years.  I might just go to the one in between as people will wonder where I am.  Last weekend was particularly party-intensive, this morning we had the Toddler group party (which flew past, largely thanks to the Winter Pimms I brought along ;-).  So now I’m done with parties.  No more this year.  Bring ’em on for 2012.

2, Carcassonne.  If anyone hasn’t discovered this fantastic family boardgame, go to Amazon and buy a copy now.  It’s not too late to have it delivered in time for, erm, Christmas. (Sorry, promised I wasn’t going to mention it again.  Bugger!).  We’ve played it since February this year as a family and I’ve been very jealous of certain iPad-toting neighbors who’ve got it on their iDevices.  But this week I found out (alright, my wife told me) it was now available for Android phones.  And here it is:

It’ll cost you £3.50 and it’s worth every penny.  I lost my first game this lunchtime, much to my surprise.  Curse Harald and having to share a city with him.

3, Curry.  About to cook some fish koftas for tonight’s dinner.  New recipe, never done them before, can’t wait.

See you in 7 for more reasons to be cheerful.  But if you’re itching for more now, head over here and join the Linky!

See?  Told you “normal” service would be resumed at some point.  This is almost normal, isn’t it?

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  1. Glad you got your parties over with. Was a teacher in Year 6 for years and know how exhausting children’s parties are but also how much fun. Interesting also to see little girls who normally wear school uniform transform into almost-young-women when decked in their grown-up finery!
    hope you enjoy Christmas.

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