The Gallery – Week 76 – Home

Following hot on the heels of the Listography, what makes your house your home, comes this week’s Gallery.

Home, for me, is many things.  It’s family.  It’s fun.  It’s memories.  My childhood homes, all in Ripon, have varying degrees of fun memories associated with them.  The tiny bathroom on the 2nd1/2 floor of the terrace, peering through the bionic eye of my 6 Million Dollar Man action figure as I walked down the path to the river, the fantastic Queen – A Kind of Magic mural painted on the wall of my bedroom.

My current home, bought on the strength of the view from the lounge window discovered by a strange co-incidence when designing a now-defunct website for my father, has a lot of those memories.  Hopefully these capture some of them:

Now, have a meander over to The Gallery and see what makes everyone else’s home what it is.

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