Listography – 5 Celebrities I’d like to have a beer with.

This list is in a very, very specific order.  Specifically, it’s the order they occurred to me in the car on the way over to work this morning, having mulled this Listography challenge over during my morning’s run.

Robert Llewellyn

The Man in the Rubber Mask.  Kryten. The public face of Scrapheap Challenge for many, many years.  Electric car guru, Google+ fan, excellent tweeter.

Also the host of Carpool, recently on Dave but originally just on the net.  Excellent show.

Dick Strawbridge

Scrapheap contestant, engineer extraordinaire, environmentally friendly and owner of one of the finest mustaches ever to grace British television.

Tony Hawks

Soon to be the only comedian I’ve seen in the flesh twice – Edinburgh Fringe Festival many, many years ago and Harrogate Comedy Fesitval 2011.  Regular contestant on Radio 4’s Just a Minute.  Author of Round Ireland with a Fridge and several other excellent books.  Round Ireland with a Fridge is now also a movie, available to stream online for free.  Also, if you believe his Tweets, in control of the weather.

Harrison Ford

Such a collection of fantastic movies over the years.  And I’d love to find out if he even cares who shot first.


Yes, you.  Whoever you are, you’re reading this blog and that makes you worthy of a beer with me any day.

9 responses to “Listography – 5 Celebrities I’d like to have a beer with.”

  1. Robert Llewellyn, a great choice for the list! Have met in the flesh many years ago when he was book signing for his Man In The Rubber Mask. 🙂 As a big Red Dwarf fan, would like to go for a beer with him.
    Oh and Tony Hawks as well due to his many appearances in Red Dwarf too! 🙂

  2. I hate Scrapheap Challenge so would choose different ones to you but think Him Indoors would agree with your choice especially the last one I hope

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