#silentsunday – 1 picture (technically), no words


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  1. What a beautiful tabby mate. Absolutely glorious. Looks like something from Ancient Egypt. I’ve also noticed the different typeface you’re using. I love it. Really modern and easy on the eye. What is it and how did yo do it?

    • Tabby! Tabby!!!! I’ll have you know that’s a pedigree Bengal. He’s about twice the size of any of the other cats and looks like a little jaguar. To watch his shoulders as he slinks around the house is an absolute joy.

      As for the typeface, the main text is Calibri – you set the font rule in the stylesheet for the blog to {font-family: Calibri, Verdana, Arial, Serif;} or something similar. It’ll be Calibri if you’ve that one installed, then it falls back to Verdana if you’re on a system without it, then Arial and finally whatever the user’s default Serif font happens to be. My laptop displays it in Verdana, Calibri’s installed with Office 2010 and I wouldn’t have Windows on my laptop for love nor money. The heading font is even easier – head to http://www.google.com/webfonts and knock yourself out!

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