#silentsunday 1 picture, no words, nothing.


9 responses to “#silentsunday 1 picture, no words, nothing.”

    • How I did it? Vignette, Android photo app. Worth its weight in gold.
      Do I live there? No, ‘fraid not. That’s Clickimin Broch, an Iron Age structure just over the hill from home.

    • Thank you! The effects are entirely random – I’ve left the photo app randomising everything so I never know from one to the next what I’m going to find.

    • Thank you – the header photo was a combination of lucky events – weather, time of day and my car needing petrol. Took the photo from the garage while fuelling up!

    • Don’t tell anyone, but I’m still at the bad pics stage as well. Fortunately, my phone is clever enough to make things look a lot better!

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