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Aaaaand we’re back from holiday.  Normal service will resume just as soon as I’ve worked out what “Normal Service” looks and tastes like.

Kate’s Listography (here, for those who know not of these things) is a gift this week.  I’ve 5 kids, I figure I’ll pick 1 each for them.  This is something they never get to do – whenever it’s movie time I either come down hard with the stern “You’ll be watching this.” Followed by howls of anguish, cries of “Nooooooooooooo!” and similar exclamations.  Or the ones that are awake have to agree on what they’re watching.  Cue much arguing, bartering of toys and chores.  Well, not chores, that’d be too much like work for them.

Anyway.  When given their own choice, this is where they usually end up…


Favourite choice of the eldest (11) at the moment.  Briefly supplanted by the surreal Howl’s Moving Castle over her birthday time, but quickly back into the top spot.  I’ve read the book, listened to the audiobook, watched the movie countless times.  It’s one of my all-time favourite movies, truth be told.  The story told in the film is different to the one in the book but – here’s the important bit – it’s no less Stardust than a direct film of the book.  In fact a direct film of the book would’ve failed, in my opinion.  It’s the essence of the book distilled into movie gold.

The Incredibles

One of the boys will usually plump for this.  Nods and winks to all manner of old spy and superhero shows the kids fail to see every time, the joy of running on water and the reveal of Jack-Jack’s powers at the end?  Disney/Pixar gold.  Almost – almost – better than Toy Story


My eldest son’s been through a bit of a Biggles phase of late, we’ve been reading the books as bedtime stories and enjoying some of the old audio adventures.  It’s been a lot of fun.  The Biggles movie, however, is about as far as you can get from a straight Biggles adventure and keep the same characters.  For one thing, it’s split between the “Present Day” (or the 1980s) and World War 2.  I still can’t understand why there hasn’t been either a proper TV series of Biggles (Hannay got one, after all) or a decent movie.  Until then, take your brain off the hook and enjoy.  The Jon Anderson soundtrack’s fun as well and the proper stunt flying from the days before CGI is truly breathtaking.

…So that’s the eldest 3’s choices.  Usually.  Give or take.  There may be some Star Wars in there one week, a little more Disney another.  The youngest 2 don’t usually have a say – yet.  They get what they’re given and if they don’t want to watch then they can always go to bed!  So these are mine.  I can watch these movies again and again, never getting tired of the dialogue, the plot (or lack of it) and the truly dreadful jokes.

Looney Tunes – Back in Action

I avoided this movie like the plague when it first came out.  After all, who in their right minds would team up these Toons and make them work with Brendan Fraser, Steve Martin et al.  Then we were on holiday, it was the movie in the kid’s club one evening, and I laughed from start to finish.  If you can’t laugh at this movie then there is something very, very wrong with you.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd and every Toon you’ve ever heard of.  Daffy & Donald Duck duelling pianos, Mickey & Bugs’s parachute gag, Toon logic.  Ahhhh, I need to see this movie again.

Anyway, those are my 5.  Extending the list to 10 would add in Star Wars: A New Hope, The Emperor’s New Groove (hey, I liked it! “Why does she even have that lever?”, “For the last time, no I did not order a giant trampoline!”, “Bad llama.”), Toy Story, Shrek, Tangled…  The list goes on.  There are some truly excellent kids movies out there.  Now follow the link back at the top to Kate Takes 5 and get some more inspiration for your next movie weekend!

13 responses to “#Listography – Kids Movies”

  1. Who Framed Roger Rabbit! D’Oh! Brilliant choice. Completely forgot about that. Not having Biggles, though. BIGGLES???? Straight to DVD movie if I there was one. (But I will swap you Incredibles for Wizard of Oz. Or even The Great Escape for that matter)

  2. Biggles is really taking me back to my youth. Was that the one where the Nazi’s are frying people with energy from their giant radar dish? If it is, I LOVED it as a child. Never seen it on TV since though, wonder why 😉

    • That’s the one! Giant radar dish, helicopter chasing biplane across the snowy countryside! I had to get it on DVD, got fed up of waiting for it to come to TV.

  3. Who framed Rodger Rabbit?!! Not while I am around. Annoying film made to watch after horrendous swimming sports day while boys doing theirs. Not happy associations and too hyped at the time.
    Try ‘Tangled’

    • I’d happily trade you “Tangled” – Frying pans! Who knew!
      And the movies they picked for the swimming sports days were strange. I didn’t mind the Pink Panther ones on the big screen in the hall, but we watched some real “interesting” ones.

  4. we never got to watch a movie on the big screen, or the ‘big’ movies – as they seemed to have the big screen and presumably the permissions for the one showing. – the morning when it was girls swimming sports. 🙁
    In fact I never saw a big screen in the hall

  5. I seriously have to get me a copy of Stardust. It’s popped up a fair few times in this listography so I’m guessing it can’t be all bad. How old should the kids be though? Is a 6 year old boy going to get it? Oh, who cares. Sounds like I will love it! Thanks

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