#CookalongFriday – See you next week!

Nothing spectacular as I’m off the rock this Friday and the week’s been damn hectic.

A challenge for you readers instead – You’ve got an egg, some bread, some milk, some smoked salmon (and the usual kitchen cupboards hand-wave you get on Ready, Steady, Cook!).  You’re not allowed to make scrambled egg on toast.  What are you going to do?

My answer next week!

2 responses to “#CookalongFriday – See you next week!”

  1. I challenged my dear cooking chum and this is what he came up with…

    “Using a small ramekin. I’d toast then crumble the bread with some chilli spices. Then place this in the bottom of the ramekin. Then mix the egg with some of the milk and then crumble the salmon into the mixture. Pour the mixture over the bread and ( is there cheese?) if there is cheese in my stores- cover with cheese. If not, using the same chilli spices as in the bottom- top off the mixture, bake and viola. A mini smoked salmon and chili quiche.”

    I’m just waiting for him to cook it for me now!

    I was thinking more of eggy bread – eggs, splash milk & sweetened with maple syrup, bread dipped in egg mix and cooked on a very hot griddle, served with strips of smoked salmon, (inspired by pancakes with maple syrup and salty bacon)

    Hope you had a good ferry crossing 🙂

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