#TheGallery – Week 62 – Dads.


As a father of 5, I love being a dad.  It’s one of the most magical things that’s happened to me.  But I don’t think I’d be enjoying it half as much if I didn’t have my own dad to draw on.  Not literally, obviously.  I don’t pop round with a Sharpie! But my dad has always been there to look to for inspiration. “Would dad do this?” is a valuable question and one that has guided my steps.
Here he is with his youngest grandson. I hope to be as useful to mine as he has to me.

8 responses to “#TheGallery – Week 62 – Dads.”

  1. A great approach to being a dad, my dad has assumed the same role as a grandad as he did as a dad – he just winds up our children but being stupid :

  2. A lovely photo and it is always great to having amazing parent to draw on…although i would have loved to have seen that photo…your dad with a drawn on moustache and whiskers!

    5 children!? ….That is what I hope for…3 down, 2 to go!

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