#TheGallery – Week 61 – I’m Grateful For…

A long time ago, I was lucky enough to be at school with someone no-one else realised was a wonderful person.  Hell, it took me 5 years to work it out.  Anyway, long story short, I married her and we’ve had 5 fantastic kids, some of which are in this picture.  That’s the problem with the trampoline, it’s very hard to take a picture where you get a whole person in!

If I could tell my 16 year old self what he was letting himself in for when he started going out with this girl, he’d never believe it.  It’s largely thanks to her that I’ve bungee jumped, been to Africa, moved to Shetland.  And it’s entirely thanks to her that I’m now the father to 5 wonderful monsters kids.  So I’m grateful to the rest of the world for not realising just what a catch they were missing out on.  Thanks!

3 responses to “#TheGallery – Week 61 – I’m Grateful For…”

  1. That is lovely. But now I am a bit frightened. ‘Cause in our brave new world when ever something gets bigged up it is about to be ditched.
    Pity you are spot on about the no-one else in the whole world…

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