Silent Sunday. 1 picture, no words. #silentsunday


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    • The beach is St Ninian’s on Shetland – it’s a tombolo, one of those rare beaches that has the sea on each side. It never quite meets in the middle, though it does get very close! There’s a chunk more information and some wonderful pictures over on the Shetlopedia ( The occasion was the Bigton (one of the most mis-named places I’ve ever been to!) Regatta. First races of the 2011 Yoal season and my first race as a competitor. Fantastic day, fantastic crowd. My boat came in last, but then the rest of the men’s teams looked ever so much more professional!

  1. Great picture! So, how many people actually row these boats? Do you get teams coming over from Bergen or Orkney?

    • Teams of 7 – 6 rowers plus a cox. All local teams at this event, no-one from further afield. Apparently one of the more dedicated men’s teams is planning a row to Faroe! Rather them than me.

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