No #Gallery theme this week, so here’s a random photo.

@Tara_Cain’s taking a break from #TheGallery this week, so I’m posting a random photo from the not-too-distant past.

In Ripon, a stone’s throw from my parent’s new place, is a park I used to play in as a kid.  The paddling pool is still there.  This, however, is new!  Bloke on the left, my brother.  In the tyre, attempting to reach escape velocity, one of my kids and one of his.  We challenged them to run 20 yards in a straight line when they got off!  #Fail.

Escape Velocity

9 responses to “No #Gallery theme this week, so here’s a random photo.”

    • That’s my favourite thing about the camera app on my phone. I never know from one shot to the next what it’s going to turn out like. And it produces some real gems. I’ll post a side-by-side with the original one of these days.

  1. Ahh a ‘trip’ down memory lane!! Great take on the themed, even though you didn’t know there was one!
    Your brother was a bit if a dare devil then! I guess we all were a little when e were kids!

    • It’s all deliberate, you know! I knew, I knew. (I didn’t really, it’s a massive, massive fluke and I’m feeling lucky today!)

  2. A lovely trip down memory lane and a great photo. I must invest in a scanner so I can get some old photos up- looking at others makes me feel so nostalgic.

    • I can recommend the Epson Perfection V500. It does slides and negatives as well as normal photos. But this one was snapped using Vignette, a camera app I’ve got on my Android phone.

    • So would I! We took it in turns pushing them until they’d had enough and wanted to come off. Ten minutes later, after playing on everything else in the park, they were begging for more!

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