Listography – Decisions, Decisions

No cookalong this week as I’m up to my eyes in preparations for the Christening on Sunday.  Instead, courtesy of Kate Takes 5 (, here are the top 5 decisions I reckon I’ve made.

Moving to Shetland

This was a bit of a gamble.  When I started work after Uni, it was in Kent.  My wife-to-be followed me there, we were settled, had a kid and everything looked pretty good.  I’d almost forgotten about “I’ll follow you when you finish your degree as long as you’ll follow me when I finish my training.”  Long story short: Interview for the job in a cold, wet, miserable, windy, foggy January.  Accepted, moved here in the July.  That was almost 8 years ago.  And I’m loving it up here.  Since I’ve been here I’ve tried my hand at archery (and represented my islands in the Island Games), run a half-marathon (doing another in a couple of weeks), rowed competitively, the list goes on.  The opportunities are here for those brave enough to take them.

Learning to Touch-Type

Years and years ago, back in the mists of time when I did my GCSE English, my teacher told me my handwriting was appalling.  I think I’ve mentioned in on here before.  Anyway, I took a night class in typing and it’s stood me in very good stead ever since.  No-one else can knock out half-tested, buggy code as fast as I can.

Indian Cookery Night Class

Another winner, and one I’m not sure I would’ve got the opportunity in Kent.  One of the amazing things about Shetland is the diversity of skills people who just pass through have to offer – and how willing they are to share them.  I’m trying to pass some of this on with the odd website for clubs, societies and community groups.

Having Kids

I have 5 fantastic kids.  Well, 4 fantastic kids and the other one who’s playing up and trying to eat his/her brother.  They take turns in playing that role.  I blame/thank having 5 kids on moving up to this bleak, forsaken rock.  Nowhere in Kent would we be able to afford a house big enough to contain us all.

Marrying my Wife

If it weren’t for her, 3 of the other 4 things on this list would probably never have happened.  I’ll give you a clue – I’d learned to type before we started seeing each other.

Now, enough of my ramblings.  By the time you read this I’ll be providing a full English breakfast to a houseful of visitors.  Now, go off to Kate Takes 5, find the Listography, and enjoy lists far more interesting than mine!

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  1. Great list, John. Really interesting life story you’ve got there. Moving to Shetland was a seriously HUGE decision. Not one I would ever have been brave enough to take, despite all the moaning we do about living in London, in a flat, with three kids etc. And very impressedyou took the Indian night cookery classes. That explains you expertise and passion.
    p.s. you posting a recipe today?

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