#ApplicationoftheWeek – Action Snap

Action SnapI love my camera apps.  Vignette, as I’ve mentioned before, is my favourite app for taking photos.  Action Snap, though, fits a niche that Vignette doesn’t fill at the moment.

On it’s basic settings, it takes 4 photos, a fraction of a second apart.  It snaps action, as the name suggests.  It does exactly what it says on the tin.

It’s got some excellent basic effects built in for taking photos – sepia, assorted LOMO effects – and a couple of different basic layouts.  I love the standard, 4 tall, narrow pictures.

Action Snap Basic LayoutIt’ll do square photos as well, 3×3 layouts, 2×3 layouts.  Superb.  The time delay between photos is configurable as well.  It integrates into anything you’ve got for sharing things on your phone, as well as the http://steply.com/ service (which will, in addition, autopost to Twitter and Facebook).  The only drawback I’ve found is there’s no way to save the photos direct to your phone.  To achieve this, I share photos to Dropbox.com, an app I’ve also got installed.

Yes, there are adds on the photo preview screen, but they’re not obtrusive.  Just ignore them.

This app fills a niche and fills it well.  Enjoy.

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