The Gallery – Week 59 – My Evil Twin, Eduardo #thegallery

The theme, according to Oberleutnant von Stickyfingers, is “Mustachioed”.

So here we have me.  And my evil twin who appears to have taken over my life, trapping me in some alternative mirror-dimension, pounding feebly on the other side of the mirror every time he goes near it with a razor.


So, slightly cheating.  2 photos instead of 1, but it’s interesting to see the comparison.  Zach says Hi, by the way!

11 responses to “The Gallery – Week 59 – My Evil Twin, Eduardo #thegallery”

  1. Now that’s not too bad – I can deal with the goatee combo thing. It’s the lone tache that just makes me shudder… Great pic (and ‘Hi Zac’) 🙂

    • The top one is the “before” and the bottom one’s the “after”. I’m currently being played by my evil twin.

    • I’ll pass that comment on to my wife!

      “And that, your honour, was why the blog stopped being updated…”

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