The Gallery – Week 58. Chilled, Out (#thegallery)

Nightmare!  Chilled out!  What, with 5 kids?  When do I get a chance to be chilled out?  Then a brainwave.  I know when I was chilled, out.

Chilled, outThis was one of those gloriously still winters days.  Stood on the deck, steaming mug of coffee in hand, watching the snow being dumped over the sea, that winter’s light just so.

Okay, it’s a bit of a cheat.  But it was very chilled, out.

12 responses to “The Gallery – Week 58. Chilled, Out (#thegallery)”

    • When the snow stops and the wind drops the world just stands still up here. It is wonderfully peaceful. If very cold.

    • As long as the roads are clear, I love it too. Once it starts affecting transport and schools, I’m less enamoured.

    • Thank you. I’m enjoying the gallery and the challenge it brings each week. I dread/look forward to them being announced!

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