Silent Sunday – 1 picture, no words, no explanation #silentsunday

This is why my head hurts this morning.

23 responses to “Silent Sunday – 1 picture, no words, no explanation #silentsunday”

  1. Very dedicated! I spent the evening on twitter, unleashing my inner sarcastic self on my followers as I watched. Ooops!
    Looks like a good time was had by all 🙂

  2. Haha! I was going to do a Eurovision one, but for some reason *whistles* the pictures came out fuzzy! It’s good to have found the two secret ingredients to make it bearable… Twitter and Tequila! Cheers!

  3. Lol. DH and I used to have an elaborate voting system. I tried to get my girls into it but they watched in sheer bemusement last night 😀

    • That’s a seriously early night. If you like Eurovision, you missed a great show. If you don’t, then you didn’t miss much more than the usual insanity.

  4. Azerbaijan – is that even in Europe? I thought that was one of the key requirements for entering the Eurovision… *shuffles away to check world map* oh yeah – it’s about as far east as you can get and still be on continental Europe.

    Glad I didn’t watch it really…

    • There’s a certain amount of weirdness about who can enter – Russia’s not exactly in Europe, Azerbaijan definitely isn’t, nor’s Cyprus. It’s a very odd mix of countries, when you think about it.

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