Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday – 1 picture, no words, no explanation #silentsunday

This is why my head hurts this morning.

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We had Denmark, Moldova and Ireland. Moldova and Ireland were perfect Eurovision entries!

Not allowed to! Not even I was drunk enough to try and vote for my own country 😉

I know! Had to look it up on wikipedia! Over on the Caspian sea, it turns out.

Haha! I was going to do a Eurovision one, but for some reason *whistles* the pictures came out fuzzy! It’s good to have found the two secret ingredients to make it bearable… Twitter and Tequila! Cheers!

Oh, yes. You’ve got to do this properly! After a while all the Euro-synth blurs together!

That’s a seriously early night. If you like Eurovision, you missed a great show. If you don’t, then you didn’t miss much more than the usual insanity.

Azerbaijan – is that even in Europe? I thought that was one of the key requirements for entering the Eurovision… *shuffles away to check world map* oh yeah – it’s about as far east as you can get and still be on continental Europe.

Glad I didn’t watch it really…

There’s a certain amount of weirdness about who can enter – Russia’s not exactly in Europe, Azerbaijan definitely isn’t, nor’s Cyprus. It’s a very odd mix of countries, when you think about it.

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