Five Finals (for @relucthousedad)

So, courtesy of Keith over here

Five finals.  Interesting.

Final Episode

Towing the TARDIS

“The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End”, the last episodes of David Tennant’s last full series as The Doctor.  This is where it should have ended.  This is where, in my mind, it did.  I’m not sure how the regeneration to Matt Smith would’ve taken place, but it would be a far better end to Mr Tennant’s tenure than the drawn-out-yet-too-rushed Christmas specials with The Master.  Fair enough, it contained just about every single Who companion since the series came back, tied in Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures and was generally incredibly OTT.   But it was incredibly OTT in a good way, a great way.  I’ve gone back and watched them over and again.  These episodes don’t get tired.  And the TARDIS towing the earth home?  Priceless!

Final Album

The Division Bell

None of us really thought we’d ever see another Pink Floyd album after “Momentary Lapse of Reason” but then, years later, along came “The Division Bell.”  The final track on that album, “High Hopes”, is one of the finest musical works they’ve ever produced.  If you do not own this album, then you should go and purchase it immediately.  Then listen to it in a darkened room for hours on end, just like I used to do as a kid when I got a new LP.  Yes, I’m that old.  Actually found the box containing my LPs the other day – there’s some picture discs in there from Marillion, Helloween and Alice Cooper, a Mike Oldfield boxed set that I got for a fiver in a charity shop – I was only after “In Dulci Jubilo” but you couldn’t buy individual songs back then.

Oh, and I got to see Pink Floyd on the Division Bell tour.  The whole of Earl’s Court singing “Wish you were here” is one of those moments I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

Final Book

That’s going to be whatever Jim Butcher uses to finish off his Dresden Files series.  It’s going to be epic.  Or massively disappointing.  I really hope for the epic end of the spectrum!

Final Game

Tome Raider III Cover

Tomb Raider 3.  They should’ve stopped there.  Actually there’s a theme here.  There’s a lot of places where what should have been the final thing, wasn’t.  Matrix movies – should’ve quit after #1.  Star Wars movies – we really didn’t need episode 1-3.  And Tomb Raider.  1: Amazing!  Ground breaking!  Wonderful!  2: Too difficult.  Much cheating involved, especially with those bloody jade Samurai.  3:  Work of genius.  Non-linear, play the locations in pretty much any order you like.  London! 5/4 secrets just by taking a slightly different path!  Area 51!  Such a superb game.  And then along came every one that’s followed.  Like a schmuck I’ve bought and played (or attempted) most of them.  But I still go back to #3 when I want to play for the sheer fun of it.

Final words

The day after Spike Milligan died, the front page of one of the tabloids (The Daily Mirror, I think) had what, in my mind, was just perfect.

“See?  I told you I was ill.”

And that’s what I want.  No long, protracted battle with something you know, deep down, you can’t beat.  If I could meet death on my own terms, at a time of my choosing, that would be perfect.  One of the most moving pieces of television I’ve ever seen was Terry Pratchett’s Dimbleby Lecture, “Shaking Hands with Death”.  You can watch it on Youtube here:

Shaking Hands with Death

By the time it’s my time, I want the world to have reached a place where a person can make an informed choice.

Or, as that noble, wise, charitable humanitarian, Arnold Rimmer, put it: “…that’s more than most of us get. Most of us get ‘Mind-that-bus-what-bus?-splat.’”

So those are my 5.  Head over to to see more!

3 responses to “Five Finals (for @relucthousedad)”

  1. Brilliant, intelligent list John. Knew you wouldn’t let me down. Great take on the theme. Wish I’d come up with the Spike Milligan quote. One of my favourite quotes is on a memorial bench at the park near us. It says simply: ‘They could do with a bench here.’
    Good stuff. Thanks for contributing.

    • Good for him! Have to say it’s my eldest (my daughter) who’s turning into the biggest fan in this house! Glued to the Sarah Jane Adventures on CBBC, avidly hoovering up news of future Dr Who episodes. Haven’t told her it’s the mid-season break coming up, she’s going to be less than thrilled.

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