The Gallery – Week 56: Green

My Boys

This is my first entry into The Gallery ( and the challenge for Week 56 is “Green”.

Photo above shows my boys and was taken  using the Vignette app for my Android phone. I’ve got it set to apply random effects and frames to each photo it takes so from one shot to the next I’m never sure what’s going to come up.  This one, clearly, had a green filter applied along with a panoramic frame (to show a bit more of my messy sitting room).  Not sure what other effects got in there.

Anyway, that’s it.  My (Green) Boys.  And my first stab at The Gallery.

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    • Vignette is a great app for Android (there’s a free version to test before you spend a couple of quid on the full version), I’m sure there are others for iPhones, Blackberries, etc…

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