New Structure to the blog…

Right. I have a new plan.  Plans are good.  They're better than the Pl I had earlier as it was only half-formed.  From now on, 3 updates a week:-

  • Monday – Application of the Week.  At heart, I'm a geek and I've got a lot of cool programs on my computer that other people should be using (and probably are) but I'm going to use Monday to tell you about the one I'm concentrating on learning more about that week.  It might be a piece of software, a javascript library, a content management system, anything!
  • Wednesday – Randomness.  Whatever happens to stroll through my mind at the time when I sit down.
  • Friday – Cook-along Fridays.  I do my best cooking on a Friday afternoon, usually a curry of some kind, so I'll blog the recipe I'm using and we can all have a go together.
So that's the plan.  See y'all on Monday!

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