The plot thickens (#amwriting)

Right.  Several key things fell into place this weekend.

For instance, I now know why my villain is doing what he's doing.  I know why my lead character can do what he can do (although he doesn't know as yet) and I resolved the problem I was having about giving him access to certain powers.  It's playing the long game but it is, in a way, all down to a scene from the BBC comedy "Episodes".  Matt LeBlanc (actor) is explaining to Stephen Mangan (writer) why he should make changes to a character and, as reasons go, it's a good one.  "When you're up at 4am trying to think of a storyline, you'll wish you'd done this…" or words to that effect.  Can't remember the exact quote.  So I'm going with it.  The main character will have powers, just not yet and certainly not Dresden-esque wizardliness.  Book 2 or 3 and who knows…
So now all I've got to do is patch the plot holes, fill in some scenes and I'm ready for editing round 1.  That makes it all sound so easy.

In other news, Being Human is still one of the best shows on TV and looks to be spawning a spin-off.  Becoming Human, red-button straight after the main show, is the story of a 46-year old vampire trapped in the body of a 16 year old boy.  He was in last night's episode and the eagle-eyed amongst you will recognise him from the CBBC show Young Dracula.  So he's a little typecast already.  Head over to the BBC Being Human website and check it out.  I doubt you'll be disappointed.  Voyage of the Dawn Treader is a superb movie (even if the sea serpent is a little familiar to anyone who's played Tomb Raider: Legend.  Think London, folks), much better than Prince Caspian.  Like Stardust, they took the essence of the story and changed it to make a better film.  All credit to the casting folks, the kid they had playing Eustace Scrubb was absolutely spot on.  My kids and I now eagerly await The Silver Chair.

Finally, I'm away to Inverness as part of the NAFC's Carbon Management Plan, learning about the tools and opportunities that are there for us to grab.  Spending carbon to save it.  See?  Back to the long game again.

Finally, finally:  Doctor Who (not quite) Lego.  Roll on April!

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