New year, new style of working. And some pictures from my phone.

That was very satisfying.  Just tidied up my Facebook account and finally decided to block “City of Wonder”.  This is all part of my cunning plan to use the computer in a smarter way over the coming year.

I have also started using “Remember the Milk” as a task manager, plugging everything that needs doing into it.  This syncs with my phone and makes me a happy little geek.

Enough of the dull.  Now, the fun stuff.  When we were out in Lanzarote I purchased a camera app for my phone called Vignette.  This lovely app applies all manner of effects to the photos you take (as well as keeping the originals).  You can set up shortcuts to your favourite effects and launch the camera ready to use them.  I’ve left mine set on completely random.  This has the advantage of throwing up some amazing photographs but the disadvantage of never knowing what effects were applied to make the picture I’ve just taken.  I can ID panorama, polaroid, and a few other of the frames but after that I’m out!

If my calculations are correct, then this link:  Photo album should allow you to see these pics.  Some are better than others…  If my calculations aren’t, then it’s not going to work.  Please comment below one way or another.

Finally, I’m trying a new look.  Evil Mirror-Universe John.  Not sure yet, but time will tell.  Oh, and the diet/exercise regime is starting both to hurt and to give some real benefits – great weight loss in week 1, let’s see how week 2 goes!

Later, folks.


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