Is it Friday again already?

Well, there went another week.  They seem to go past awfully quickly at the moment.  I set out with good intentions – I was expecting the Lerwick Writers' Group ( to meet on Tuesday evening, I'd get a chance to read out some more of my NaNoWriMo project (National Novel Writing Month – – 50,000 words or more in November).  I haven't looked at this since the end of November when I checked my word count.  Unfortunately, I'd miscalculated – apparently we don't meet in January as everyone is too busy.  First meeting will be the first Tuesday in February.

Right (thought I).  Tuesday night I'll break out the index cards and start finding the missing bits in the storyline, work out what I need to write.  I figure it'll be about 100,000 words once I've filled in the gaps, I can then edit it back to a more reasonably 75-80,000.  What happened on Tuesday?  Can't remember.  Sure as hell didn't write anything.  No problems, move the job to Wednesday night.  Thursday?  Friday?  No, not Friday.  Jo's back from Aberdeen and it's games night with the kids.  Playing a Dr Who RPG with them at the moment and we should finish the scenario tonight if things go to plan.  And the weekend's out, so that pushes stuff through into next week already.

My question is this:  Where the bloody hell does the time go?  Okay, I've got 5 kids so looking after the house eats up a big chunk of it.  Then there's work, of course.  And interesting TV, though that's pretty thin on the ground at the moment.  If you don't watch soaps or sport your pickings are slim on Freeview.  And there's nothing that's replaced Firefly, Buffy, Warehouse 13…  Am I the only person missing smart, funny science fiction/fantasy/horror?  C'mon!  Second series of Krod Mandoon, stat!  One of the normal channels, grab Fringe!  I'd settle for Days of Our Lives right about now but I'm not desperate enough to watch Primeval.

Anyway, the 2 youngest appear to have decided to sleep in shifts today.  That's my "me" time over for the moment.  One blog update.  Well, that's where 5 minutes of this week went.

Oh, yes.  I remembered what I did Tuesday – watched Zen on iPlayer (thank you, PS3).  If you've not managed to catch this one yet, do so.  It's smart, funny, interesting TV.  Definitely worth watching.

See you in seven.

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