When is a rhetorical question not a rhetorical question?

A discussion over on Google+ had me wondering.

The original post was straightforward enough.  “Is anyone here?”.  Predictably, because this is the Internet, one of the first answers was “No.”  And then it descended into philosophy…

There must be a scientific name for questions like “Are you asleep?” or “Is there anyone in there?” where no response is an answer in and of itself.  Answering “no” to “Is there anyone in there?” or “yes” to “Are you asleep?” is also an answer, though perhaps not the one the questioner was expecting.

My Google-fu has failed me – or I can’t phrase my question well enough to get an answer – so, oh great minds of the internet, what do you call such a question?  Is there, in fact, an entire branch of philosophy devoted to such questions?  And if so, what’s it called?

The Fundamental Interconectedness of All Things

This appears to be a good time to be watching TV.  Between the BBC, Amazon Prime, and Netflix there’s a lot of really decent stuff on.  We’ve just finished blitzing Haven from start to finish (and if that wasn’t someone’s off-beat Cthulhu Now campaign at some point I’d be very surprised), have just started Lucifer…  Stephen Moffat and Peter Capaldi are leaving Dr Who – don’t get me wrong, Mr M has written some superb episodes in the past and he’s not quite as guilty of pushing the big reset button as RTD was, I’m just happy the show is being handed over to someone else.  And it will be new lead writer, new Doctor.  Not been the biggest fan of Mr C’s Doctor.

We’ve got Stranger ThingsThe OASneaky PeteTimelessStan Lee’s Lucky Man and a few others racked up and ready to roll as soon as a gap in the schedule emerges (usually known as “Summer”)

And then there’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.  Excellent books, great audio adaptations, a decent TV show starring half the cast of Elvenquest.  But the Americans got their hands on it.

I was sceptical.  But it was on Netflix, which I didn’t have, so plenty of people got a chance to watch it first and opine in my general direction.  I heard positive things – it’s good.  It’s funny.  It’s a complete story.  It leaves enough threads dangling to make you want a second series (which has been green-lit already).  And there’s a kitten.  You’ll love the kitten.

And the kitten (amongst other things) is why this post is here in the gaming section.

Now.  Spoilers, darling.  If you’ve not seen past Episode 5, “Very Erectus”, there are some details about the kitten you may not have worked out yet.  I know I hadn’t!  So go and watch the series now, come back as and when…
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Magento – Sorry no quotes are available for this order at this time

Tech Monday comes back for a Friday specia on Magento 1.9.  Coming at this interesting piece of software from a Drupal background, lots of stuff make no sense at all.  The themeing system.  Modules.  The “Insert credit card here” approach to community support.  And the helpful error messages.

The error message

Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time

which came up on a new site using table rate shipping this morning was a new one and none of the answers I found worked, but they did get me thinking of where to look.

So the setup is as follows:

  • Multi-store installation
  • Issue occurs on newly launched store using default values for all shipping fields.

Turns out, the Table Rate settings don’t persist between stores.  Or they didn’t on this setup.

So, in System > Configuration, you select the store you want, re-import the table rate shipping values, clear the caches, and you’re good to go.  Or at least I was.  Your mileage may vary.  You’ll probably have to clear the caches again.  Magento likes it when you do that.

Have I mentioned that I don’t like Magento?